Bitcoin fork and coinspace
Dear CoinSpace users,
We would like to notify you of an upcoming global event affecting the Bitcoin network and CoinSpace’s actions.
In the coming week, the Bitcoin network is expected to get hit by some amount of turbulence due to several possible chain-splits and a potential fork. In the event of a hard fork, we will continue supporting the main chain – the Bitcoin Core. Our goal is to support the most stable and reliable currency to keep the contracts running for you.
We recommend reading the following article in preparation – https://bitcoin.org/en/alert/2017-07-12-potential-split

In these changes, Bitcoin will receive improvements to the network, such as Segwit (https://bitcoincore.org/en/2016/01/26/segwit-benefits/). For a period, Bitcoin confirmation score will become less reliable as some nodes of the network will be running nodes incompatible with others.
As our top priority, we are dedicated to handling your funds and contracts responsibly, hence, to avoid risks associated with the events to come, CoinSpace has decided to suspend all Bitcoin related operations temporarily, including:
– BTC withdrawals;
– BTC purchases;
Service suspension will begin at 09:00 UTC on July 31 and will last until the situation is resolved, most likely no later than August 4.
We will be actively monitoring the situation to keep you updated.

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  1. Michael senn

    How can I get the BitCoin Cash from this. I have tried to use the seed in a bitcoin cash wallet but it shows nothing. My BTC was on your site throughout the Fork.

    • Joy Prins

      HI Michael, can you tell me some more about this wallet? Does this belong to coinspace network?

      • Michael Senn

        Hello, This has nothing to do with CoinSpace, this is how I was able to get my bitcoin cash , just like other users below. If you would like to tip me for my effort with the BitCoinCash you recover my comment with address is below.

  2. sierra

    Das würde mich auch interessieren wie ich an meine bitcoin cash komme…

  3. Barne

    I have the same problem

  4. ren

    did u fix this?

    • Barne

      No. Have you an idea?

      • Michael Senn

        That is Great my BCC address is 1Fj6b8tPqbHV5ac2hnxP9RfkgUAYfj9uWd if you would like to Tip. It took me loooooong time to figure this out reading and testing.

    • Michael Senn

      I was able to get my BCC , It was not easy , I followed Instructions O found on the Net . I used this tool https://github.com/iancoleman/bip39/blob/master/bip39-standalone.html , and put in my BIP39 12 word seed and set to , set Derivation Path to BIP 32 and Cliente to MultiBitHD. then it showed me all addresses and The private key to each one. Find your address that has the BCC as per BCC BlockChain Explorer, and then make a wallet with Electron Cash with that Key and YOUR BCC will be there.

      • Barne

        Thank you very much Michael. I tried it also with this site but not with the cliente mulitbithd. I will try it your way.
        best regards,

      • Barne

        Thanks Michael it worked.
        best regards,

      • luka

        Thank you Michael!
        This worked for me like a charm. I import those private keys in the electrum cash, and bum, bcash finally dumped ^_^

      • Markus

        It works, thanks Michael Senn

      • David Smith

        Hi, could you please explain this?

        “Find your address that has the BCC as per BCC BlockChain Explorer”

        I did everything else fine but no idea how to find the address with my Bcash.

  5. Alexandre santos rosa

    Falo de trinta btc

  6. navi wisdom

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